All About Penetration Testing

Penetration testing - All About Penetration Testing
At a time when software applications are gaining enormous importance in the day to day life, software testing is also becoming important. Every software application should be tested thoroughly for its proper functioning, scalability, reliability, consistency and security. There are different types of testings to check all these attributes and there are different types of test a...
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Good Opportunities for Experts in Mobile Apps Testing

Mobile Apps Testing - Good Opportunities for Mobile Apps
Smartphones are no more a luxury in today’s world and phones are no more restricted for oral communication. Many new age mobile apps are making many of our day to tasks easier. Business community has realized the caliber of mobile apps as effective marketing tools and hence, many new apps are being introduced. Many are under development. Similarly, at a time when the mobile ...
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Selenium Tutorial – Learn Selenium for a Better Future

Selenium Tutorial - Selenium Training Online Videos
Automation has become the buzzword of today, especially in the software industry. Automation helps a lot in enhancing the quality of the product and at the same time it helps to reduces the cost of production also. In other words, cost optimization is also a reason behind the call for automation in many new areas. Software testing has been automated long back since the inven...
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Details of SOAPUI Testing Tutorials

SoapUI Testing - Details of SOAPUI Testing Tutorials
SoapUI Testing is an open source application for testing web services for service oriented architectures and representational state transfers. Here, you may need a bit of elaboration on the term “Web Services”. According to the definition provided by W3, a web service is a software system meant for supporting interoperable machine to machine interactions over a network. At a...
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