Mobile Apps Testing Training; An Overview

Mobile Apps Testing - Details of Mobile Apps Training
Mobile apps have earned enormous significance in today’s life. Right from booking a ticket for a movie, bank transactions involving huge amounts are being done using mobile apps. When more and more people are using mobile apps, there is a major security threat. Apps should function properly and should be robust enough to handle the increasing load. Here is the need to test mobi...
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Know More About Selenium Webdriver Training

Selenium Webdriver - Details of Selenium Webdriver
Selenium has become the most widely used test automation tool in the world and there is a huge demand for selenium experts across the world. This is the reason for the rush to join selenium training courses which are a universal phenomenon. Selenium is actually a test automation suite with many components and Selenium webdriver is the latest component to be added to it. Henc...
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ISTQB an Overview

ISTQB - Details of ISTQB, ISTQB Overview
ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualification Board is an international body for putting down unified quality norms for software testing. ISTQB provides certifications to the software testers and at present many of the known companies in the software, sector prefers to have ISTQB certified testers to enhance the quality of testing. That is the reason, there is a rush fo...
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QA Testing and Training courses

QA Testing - Details of QA Testing
The software industry is registering a consistent growth. As many virgin areas are being computerized, the need for more new software applications is arising in the near future and it will certainly accelerate the growth of software industry further. At this juncture, QA testing is gaining more importance in the software industry. In the earlier days of software applications...
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