Learn Selenium Testing for a Better Future

Selenium Tutorial - Selenium Training Online Videos
Software testing has become one of the most promising careers in this modern world. At a time when the world is more depending on software applications to ease the life, the need to test each and every software applications for functionality, security, consistency and overall performance are necessary. Hence, there are lots of opportunities for software testers in the job marke...
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Things You Should Know About Informatica Training Courses

informatica training
Although “Informatica” is the name of a software development company, it is being used widely to refer one of their products Informatica Power Center which is the most widely used ETL tool in the world. ETL or Extract, Transform and Load process is a part of data warehousing. Data warehousing, where the data from different sources and in different formats will be transformed...
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Know More About Security Testing and Security Testing Tutorials

At a time software applications are being used to perform many important functions, security has become a thing of concern. The user will have to feed the app with many of his or her highly confidential information to perform the function and it should be ensured that that information will not fall in the hands of an unauthorized person. Secondly, unauthorized persons should no...
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How Automation Testing Training Online Courses Help to Find Better Job

Automation Testing Tutorial; Basics
Although the software industry is experiencing a steady growth, many news of layoffs is coming up daily creating a havoc in the minds of software professionals. Reports are indicating that fear of losing job has turned the life of software professionals a nightmare. The layoffs are attributed to the drastic automation happening in this sector.The industry will certainly get ben...
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