Know More about QTP Tutorials

QTP training tutorial
Software testing is becoming a favorite profession and the number of takers for it is increasing. Unless in the past when software testers did not have much space to grow, there are many new opportunities in the changed scenario where software testing gained much significance. At present, a person who starts the career as a software tester can become a team leader, test manager...
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Details of Mobile Apps Testing Training

Mobile Apps Testing, A flourishing career
Mobile Apps Testing, a Promising Career Mobile phones are being used widely and the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day. The conventional mobile phones are being replaced by smartphones, which converted the phone to an equipment that can perform many functions apart from verbal communication. At present, smartphones are becoming a trend and more and mor...
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Details about Load Testing Tools

Load testing tools
Top 5 Load Testing Tools At a time when more and more software applications are being developed to perform more complex functions, the need for software testing has increased. Each application should be tested thoroughly for its performance, scalability, credibility and functionalities. There are different types of software testings to test different attributes and Load test...
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Details about Selenium Webdriver and Selenium Training

details about selenium webdriver
At a time when automation is gaining upper hand in software testing domain, the demand for test automation tools and experts in different test tools is increasing. Software testing has become a flourishing and promising career. Unlike in the past when there was no opportunity to rise in the career, at present we have software testers, test engineers, test managers and consultan...
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