Detailed Agile Testing Strategies

Agile Testing Strategies - Detailed Agile Testing Strategies
Before going deep into agile testing strategies, you should know what is agile. What is Agile Agile testing is a testing method in which the testing processes will start from the beginning of the project. It is a continuous process which will go side by side with the developing process. In agile testing, the entire team will share the responsibility and all the stakeholders i...
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Guide to Android Testing & Automation

Android Testing & Automation - Details, Tutorials, Myths
Android Testing & Automation Before going deep into android testing & automation, you should know a few things about android. It is the largest operating system in the world and it is fragmented. There are thousands of android devices and versions and the app should be compatible with all of them. Why android Testing? As mentioned earlier, each app designed should be...
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Know More About Database Testing Tutorial

Details of Database Testing Tutorial - KarthikELearn
Database testing has gained importance in the recent times and so the demand for experts in database testing. In order to cater to the increasing demand, many database testing tutorials with sample test cases have also come up.  As Graphic User Interface happened to be the most visible part of an application, it was given more importance by the developers and testers. At th...
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An Introduction to ETL Testing or Datawarehouse Testing

An introduction to ETL Testing or Datawarehouse Testing - KarthikELearn
Modern business management is based on Business Intelligence or BI and you should have a clear idea about business intelligence before learning ETL testing or Database Testing. What is BI It is a fact that you need to analyze the data or the details of daily business transactions thoroughly to take strategic decisions. BI or Business Intelligence is the process of collecti...
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