Details about Selenium Webdriver and Selenium Training

details about selenium webdriver
At a time when automation is gaining upper hand in software testing domain, the demand for test automation tools and experts in different test tools is increasing. Software testing has become a flourishing and promising career. Unlike in the past when there was no opportunity to rise in the career, at present we have software testers, test engineers, test managers and consultan...
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All About ISTQB Courses

all about istqb
All About ISTQB Courses As you are aware, software testing has become one of the most promising careers in the world and the significance of software testing has increased. In order to make uniform guidelines and quality standards to determine the quality of software applications, International Software Testing Quality Board, a non-profit making organization has been found....
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Details about QA Testing and QA testing Training

QA Testing
Details about QA Testing and QA testing Training Quality of a product has a lot to do with its success in the market. This is more important for software applications at a time when software applications are used to perform many important functions in the day to day life. Even a minor error may end up in severe losses and a lot of panic. Hence, QA testing is important for al...
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All About Penetration Testing

Penetration testing - All About Penetration Testing
At a time when software applications are gaining enormous importance in the day to day life, software testing is also becoming important. Every software application should be tested thoroughly for its proper functioning, scalability, reliability, consistency and security. There are different types of testings to check all these attributes and there are different types of test a...
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