Automation Testing Online Training

Automation testing is an automated process used for testing by running test scripts using a tool. This automation is mainly done for projects which continuously need regression testing. There are many different tools available for automation testing. Using the automation software, test data can be entered into the system to generate detailed test reports by comparing expected and actual result. Goal of automation testing is to reduce the number of test cases but not to completely eliminate manual testing. Only purpose is to reduce the manual work, but the test automation needs considerable investments of money and resources. Automation testing is preferred by most of the companies as it increases the speed for test execution and increases the test coverage.

Choosing automation is not an easy task as it requires programming knowledge. So, based on the requirements of your project, you need to choose the tools which best fits your requirements. Each and every automation tool has its own benefits and also limitations. Therefore exploring the capabilities of a tool before choosing is very much important. Automation testing mainly involves scripting and we help students from the core in learning the automation concepts and also teach them how to scripts using different programming languages.

Our course includes the following concepts:

  • Data driven automation framework
  • Keyword driven automation framework
  • Modular automation framework and
  • Hybrid automation framework

Learning automation testing course is very useful and testers with minimum 2 years of experience can learn this course. As part of the course training, we will help the students in understanding the need for automation testing, we teach them the fundamentals on applications of regression, performance and security. We provide training on some of the best automations tools like QTP, selenium, Loadrunner, Jmeter etc which are widely used by most of the companies. Based on the candidate’s interest, we provide them knowledge on different automation scripting languages used in automation testing.

Once the course is completed, students will become familiar in writing scripts based on the automation tool which they choose to learn. Kind of training we provide will help the students in getting jobs in a short period. As the pay for automation testers is very high students who choose this testing will have a fruitful career.