Automation Testing Training Details

Details of Automation Testing Training

In the early ages of software development, testing was carrying out manually to test the overall performance of the software. Manual testing was sufficient on those days as there were a few software and most of them meant for single and straightforward functions.

As the time passed, software sector experienced many developments and as a result more complicated software applications have come to exist which are capable of performing multiple functions. Similarly, entire world initiated computerization in more areas which led to the need for many new software applications.

When the technology became more complicated, and the number of requests required became more, manual testing became insufficient. It started consuming more time to test, and as the manpower needed for testing is more, it became more costly.

Testing, being a part of development process, the expenditure for testing will indeed include in the product price, and a higher cost for testing will certainly put the price of the product on a higher level. Similarly, long time consumption also will end up with price rise. In a highly competitive market, if prices are high, products cannot be sold that quickly. Hence, the need to invent an alternative for manual testing came, and that was the beginning of Test automation which also called for automation testing.

At present, there are many test automation tools to test different software applications. For example, Selenium is being used widely to test web based applications while QTP is being used to test desktop applications and mobile apps. When the software industry registers a constant development, the need for testers is also increasing day by day. There are many automation testing training courses run by professionals to meet the need.

If you browse through the internet, you will come across a good number of selenium testing training courses or QTP training sessions. Professional Selenium tutorials and QTP tutorials are offering Selenium videos and QTP videos respectively as study materials. Besides, they will offer chances to work on live projects also.

Apart from Selenium testing training courses, QTP training sessions, etc., which are unique to individual test automation tools, there are some comprehensive courses also including MOST training course or Master of Software Testing training course, which deal with many test automation tools and manual testing in detail.

Automation testing online courses gained popularity as they help the trainees to attend training without disturbing their everyday schedules. In other words, these online courses help working professionals to learn the technology without quitting their present job. Seeing an excellent opportunity in the testing domain, many experts from other areas of the software industry are coming to learn testing training courses and the online courses are a blessing to them.

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