Things You Should Know About Informatica Training Courses

informatica training
Although “Informatica” is the name of a software development company, it is being used widely to refer one of their products Informatica Power Center which is the most widely used ETL tool in the world. ETL or Extract, Transform and Load process is a part of data warehousing. Data warehousing, where the data from different sources and in different formats will be transformed...
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An Introduction to ETL Testing or Datawarehouse Testing

An introduction to ETL Testing or Datawarehouse Testing - KarthikELearn
Modern business management is based on Business Intelligence or BI and you should have a clear idea about business intelligence before learning ETL testing or Database Testing. What is BI It is a fact that you need to analyze the data or the details of daily business transactions thoroughly to take strategic decisions. BI or Business Intelligence is the process of collecti...
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Significances of ETL Interview Questions

Importance of ETL Interview Questions - KarthikELearn
Data warehousing earned enormous significance in modern management decision-making process. ETL tools that are used for data warehousing also gained popularity with this scenario. At this juncture, there is a good demand for experts in ETL tools and in order to create more professionals in this domain, there are many ETL Training tutorials also available. When you join an on...
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All About ETL Testing Training Course

Analysis of data plays an important role decision making of any management and data warehousing is being used for making this process easy. In data warehousing, data will be collected from different databases and will be transformed into the needed format and then will be loaded on a single platform. Extraction, transformation, and Loading of data are the three steps involv...
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