Know More about QTP Tutorials

QTP training tutorial
Software testing is becoming a favorite profession and the number of takers for it is increasing. Unless in the past when software testers did not have much space to grow, there are many new opportunities in the changed scenario where software testing gained much significance. At present, a person who starts the career as a software tester can become a team leader, test manager...
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Synchronization in QTP

Synchronization - Synchronization in QTP
QTP has become the numero uno Test automation tool for testing mobile apps and desktop applications. Although it can be used for testing web based applications, very few are using it. Selenium dominates in this area.   At a time when mobile apps and desktop applications are gaining more significance and the computerization of many virgin areas creates a demand for ne...
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Object Repository in QTP

Object Repository-Object Repository An Overview
Software applications are playing an essential part in today’s life rather than a luxury. In many forms, we all use software applications on a daily basis. At this juncture, software testing is gaining more importance and so also the software testing tools. Of the many test automation tools, QTP has become one of the most widely used test automation tools in the world. QTP is m...
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Everything You Should Know about Software Test Automation Tools

All about Software Test Automation tools - KarthikELearn
Software applications are being used in many areas to smoothen the work and to produce good results. Every software should be tested for its overall performance, reliability, scalability and consistency. This is a must otherwise, even a minor error may lead to severe losses. In the early years of the software industry, manual testing was the only method to test software app...
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