All About Test Maturity Model

Different models are adopted for software testing to attain maximum perfection and to reduce errors and faults. Test maturity model is one such model of software testing with certain structured levels. Test Maturity Model or TMM which is now replaced with Test Maturity Model Integration or TMMI has five levels and it provides a framework to evaluate the maturity of testing proc...
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Software Testing Tools List

Software Testing Tools List - Software Testing Tutorials
Once automation of software testing earned wide acceptance, an array of test automation tools has been introduced into the market which resulted in utter confusion among the testers about the tools to be used. Here is a detailed list of tools with their specifications which will help the testers to choose the right kind of a tool. Selection of the tool is purely based on the ty...
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Software Testing and Test Automation Tools

All about software testing and Test Automation Tools
Software testing is the process of finding defects and drawbacks in software. It is aimed at maintaining the quality of software in every aspect including the functionality, load, Time and overall performance. When any manufacturing industry is considered, the quality analysis is very important for software development, and it has become more necessary as the competition in thi...
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