Things You Should Know About Informatica Training Courses

Although “Informatica” is the name of a software development company, it is being used widely to refer one of their products Informatica Power Center which is the most widely used ETL tool in the world.

ETL or Extract, Transform and Load process is a part of data warehousing. Data warehousing, where the data from different sources and in different formats will be transformed to a single desired format and will be stored at a single platform has become an essential in the decision making processes of modern day management. Hence, the demand for ETL experts is increasing day by day.

Informatica, being the most widely used ETL tool, expertise in Informatica can help you to grab new job opportunities. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for Informatica experts, many Informatica training courses have come up in the recent past. Most of them are online tutorials to facilitate working professionals and students who are pursuing some regular courses to join and learn the topic without disturbing their present schedules.

Informatica learning materials including Informatica videos and interview questions will be provided when you join in any Informatica training online courses. These videos will help to learn Informatica step by step. Interview questions are nothing but the entire topic presented in the form of simple questions and answers. This will help you while attending interviews and also can be kept as a referral book for future uses. There will be Informatica live project training also towards the end of the course which is meant for providing more practical experience to the trainees. Besides, the trainees can mention the experience gained through working on the live projects on their resume which will help them to find better jobs.

The course content of different Informatica training courses may change depending on the preferences of the trainers. However, the core of the course will be one and the same. Most of the professional trainers offer the following contents.

  1. PL-SQL commands an overview.
  2. What are ETL Testing and Informatica and the importance of the IT industry?
  3. Informatica Architecture
  4. Configuration of client, repositories
  5. Source Analyzer, Target Designer
  6. How to create mapping?
  7. How to create a workflow?
  8. How to monitor workflow and check session logs?
  9. Transformations: Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Rank, Reusable, Normalizer and various other transformations and concepts.
  10. Other concepts.

At present there is a good demand for Informatica experts and this trend will continue for some more years. This is the right time to join in any good Informatica training courses for a better future.



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