Details about Load Testing Tools

Top 5 Load Testing Tools

At a time when more and more software applications are being developed to perform more complex functions, the need for software testing has increased. Each application should be tested thoroughly for its performance, scalability, credibility and functionalities. There are different types of software testings to test different attributes and Load testing is one such, which is aimed at determining the behaviour of the system both at normal load and at the anticipated peak load.

As in the case of other types of software testings, even load testing can be automated and there are different test automation tools for automating load testing. Here we will discuss the top 5 load testing tools.


It is a commercial test automation tool used mainly for automation of load testing for web based applications. It can be used for load testing in any internet application using technologies such as Ajax, .Net, Oracle etc. When you use WebLOAD, the load can be generated either from cloud or from on-premises machines. It is highly user-friendly and has features such as DOM based recording and playback, automatic correlation and javascript scripting language. Licensing mechanism is highly flexible with reasonable fees.

2.LoadUI NG Pro

With LoadUI NG Pro, it is easy to model real world loads on the API. It supports different APIs including REST, SOAP, MQTT and JMS. The graphical interface of this tool is easy to use and it will help to set up load scenarios. At the same time it provides advanced scripting features for the experienced users. The ability to reuse the test scripts from SOAPUI and SOAPUI NG Pro is another feature of LoadUI NG Pro.

3.Apica LoadTest

Apica LoadTest offers self-service and full-service load testing and is able to execute multiple tests concurrently. Automated testing throughout the development life cycle is another feature where testing on demand facility is also available.


Unlike many other load testing tools, LoadView does testing on real browsers that provides extremely accurate data. This is a fully managed load testing tool and you need to pay only for what you are using. No contracts have to be signed. Advanced load testing features such as point and click scripting, global cloud based infrastructure real browser testing etc are available in this tool. is well known for its state of the art test recorder which makes the creation of test scenarios very simple. Just by clicking an embedded browser, test scenarios can be created. Auto generation of test reports with all necessary details is another feature.

When the significance of load testing has increased, many load testing tutorials have come up to produce more experts in this domain. Load testing training courses are one of the most sought after courses in today’s world as it ensures a bright future.



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