Details of Mobile Apps Testing Training

Mobile Apps Testing, a Promising Career

Mobile phones are being used widely and the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day. The conventional mobile phones are being replaced by smartphones, which converted the phone to an equipment that can perform many functions apart from verbal communication.

At present, smartphones are becoming a trend and more and more people are shifting to smartphones. Smartphones facilitate performing many day to day affairs with the help of many mobile apps. Most of these apps became popular along with the smartphones.

The business sector has realised the power of mobile apps as effective tools for marketing, which made them come up with different apps to promote their business. Similarly, many mobile manufacturers rely on providing more inbuilt mobile apps to add value to their product. In such a situation, the demand for more mobile apps is increasing and mobile apps testing has become crucial. Thus mobile apps testing has emerged as one of the promising professions in the world.

There are many test automation tools for testing mobile apps and one has to perform different types of tests to ensure the best result. Mobile apps training courses will provide details about all types of test automation tools used for testing mobile apps and also about the process followed in different types of mobile app testings.

Mobile app testing videos constitute the major study material which depicts each tool and step of testing. Simple narrations and supporting infographics with relevant examples will help the trainees to learn the topic. Mobile app testing interview questions is another type of study material provided when you join a mobile app training course. It contains the entire topic in a question and answer format which will help the trainees to learn better and also help them while appearing for interviews in future.

Although the contents of different mobile apps testing training course may vary slightly depending on the priorities of trainers, most of the professionals’ trainers are following the below-given content.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mobile Device Testing

  • 1.1 What is all about Mobile Device Testing?
  • 1.2 Why is it required?
  • 1.3 Terminologies used in telecom industry
  • 1.4 Knowing about Mobile OS/Platform
  • 1.5 Introduction to different mobile devices

Chapter 2: Setting up an Android Environment on your PC

  • 2.1 What is emulator?
  • 2.2 How to install an emulator?
  • 2.3 How to launch first app on emulator?
  • 2.4 Explore the capabilities of emulator
  • 2.5 Install a real-time application on emulator

Chapter 3: Testing in Mobile Domain

  • 3.1 Mobile Application Testing
  • 3.2 Mobile Handset Testing
  • 3.3 Mobile Website Testing
  • 3.4 Test cases and general scenarios for mobile application

Chapter 4: Types of Mobile Apps Testing

  • 4.1 User Interface Testing
  • 4.2 Functional Testings
  • 4.3 Usability Testing
  • 4.4 Compatibility Testing
  • 4.5 Interrupt Testing
  • 4.6 Certification Testing
  • 4.7 Performance and Stress Testing
  • 4.8 Unique Challenges in Mobile testing

Chapter 5: Mobile Application Testing on IPAD IOS Andriod iPhone

  • 5.1 Fundamental concepts of mobile app testing
  • 5.2 Differences from Web app testing
  • 5.3 How to start a mobile app testing project from scratch
  • 5.4 Designing and setting up a mobile app testing lab
  • 5.5 Exposure to various mobile devices and platforms. iOS and Android primarily
  • 5.6 Native Apps, Mobile Browser Apps, Hybrid Apps
  • 5.7 Real-Device, Simulation, Emulator, Reflector testing. Detailed defect reporting, screenshots etc
  • 5.8 Challenges, Uniqueness and Best practices for MAT
  • 5.9 Automation Tools: DeviceAnywhere, AndroidDriver in Java and Robotium



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