Mobile Test Automation with Selendroid

Selendroid is a test automation framework and it drives off the UI of Android native and hybrid applications and the mobile web. Selenium 2 Client API is used here to write the tests.

Significance of Mobile Test Automation with Selendroid

Over a period of few years, both web based applications and mobile applications earned enormous significance in the day to day life. They are being used to perform more day to day functions and the business community is introducing many new apps in both the categories to make their business more customer friendly.

At this juncture, software testing has become even more necessary as even a minor mistake in the system may lead to great problems and huge revenue losses. In the early years of software applications, the testings were done manually and later many test automation tools have been invented to handle the more complex applications.

As E-commerce is getting more popular, more and more people started using web-based applications and mobile apps for transactions. Earlier, people started and finished a transaction on a single platform, ie. either on the web or a mobile. Now there is a trend to move from one platform to the other. In other words, the transactions will be started on one platform and will finish on another.

This tendency resulted in the need for same scalable and robust test automation approach for web-based applications as well as mobile apps. The solution for mobile should be integrated easily with the web solutions so that the movement of the clients from one platform to another or from one device to another can be recreated for automating the test.

Selenium has proven as one of the most successful and efficient tools for testing web based applications and following the steps of Selenium, companies such as eBay have developed “Selenium for Mobile” which has come in two different versions such as “Selendroid” and iOS-Driver.

Selenium is the most widely used test automation tool in the world and hence almost everybody related to software is well aware of it. There is no need to explain what is Selenium. Now let us look into the special features of Selendroid.

  • Fully compatible with JSON protocol
  • App under test need not be modified for test automation
  • Mobile web can be tested using inbuilt Android driver web view app
  • Concepts for automating both native and hybrid apps are same.
  • Different locator types can be used to find UI elements.
  • Gestures are supported
  • Concurrent interaction with multiple mobile devices is possible
  • Existing emulators will start automatically
  • Hot plugging of hardware devices supported
  • Can be integrated as a node into Selenium grid for parallel testing
  • Support multiple android target APIs
  • Test case development is simplified with built-in Inspector.

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