Mobile Apps Testing Online Training

Mobile Apps Testing Course (Android, iOS & Automation) 

Mobile apps (Android, iOS & Automation) plays key role in present technology world. Companies all around the world are creating mobile apps to access their company information. So it is must to run the applications with easy access and without any breakout in their mobiles. With this backdrop and nessacity we’ve designed an online course to be useful for mobile app professionals like useful for android application developers, QA engineers, android test teams and android & app developers. Joining this course is most easy and having basic knowledge of mobile apps development and testing scenarios to test the mobile test suites and understanding of mobile testing course.

  • Different types of mobile platforms
  • Different types of mobile testing types
  • How to select mobile testing approach in testing criteria
  • What are the challenges include in mobile testing platform
  • Various types of testing approaches
  • Mobile testing scenarios like usability testing
  • Different types of automation mobile test frameworks and different testing strategies

We’ve created series of mobile app exercises to make your testing practice with real world projects. Our online courses are mainly designed to designate the mobile app testers with specific strategies in mobile testing and how it works and how to exploit when perform mobile tests. This course plays key role in the development of mobile app development and running the suites to serve the users with uninterrupted services. You are enabled to practice on, mobile devices like andriod, ios and apple iphones to get accurate and error free results. This is highly recommended course for automation testing professionals, because of growing demand for mobiles and mobile platforms. Our course materials are presented din a way that users are easy to access the information and they are quotes by our course seekers as very informative and highly knowledgeable. We’ve built pool of videos which makes your testing process easy with related testing tools and key parameters.

Our mobile app testing course covers various topics of automation testing and mobile app testing:

  • What is software testing?
  • What are the Mobile OS and Platforms?
  • What are the different types of mobile apps & Mobile app testing generics?
  • Overview of Automation testing tools
  • What is the process of App/play store submission process?

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