Learn Selenium Webdriver for a Better Career

Selenium Webdriver - Learn Selenium for a better Future
In today’s world, the ultimate aim of education is to get a good job and a secure future. In such a scenario, the courses that ensure good job opportunities become the hot favorites of people and there will be heavy rush for such courses. Selenium training has become one such hot favorite course of the world. As you are aware, Selenium is one of the most sought after test au...
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An Introduction to QA Testing

QA Testing - An Introduction to QA Testing
As you all are well aware, Software industry is growing consistently. The entire world is turning towards digitization and many virgin areas are being computerized to ease the processes. This ends up with great demand for new software applications. At the same time many of the existing applications are being upgraded to meet more requirements. Thus, at a time when software d...
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All About Software Testing

Software Testing - An Overview
As you all are aware, software applications have immense influence in the modern life. Software applications are used for performing many day to day actions. Right from entertainment, apps are being used for purchasing tickets, doing bank transactions etc. When applications are being used in more complex functions, they should be tested thoroughly to avoid any mishaps. Even a m...
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Attributes of Security Testing

Security testing should be done to prevent any unauthorised access either to the client server application or web application. At a time when hackers and crackers are getting smarter, the significance of security testing is increasing. Security testing should cover seven attributes and this article discuss about them. Authentication A person should be identified as an auth...
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