An Introduction into iOS Testing – Getting started with iOS testing

Getting started with iOS testing- iOS testing Tutorials Online
iOS, the platform of Apple for mobile applications was released on June 29, 2007 for the first time. Unlike Android, iOS is not licensed to install on non-Apple hardware and is used exclusively in Apple phones. In order to function properly, an application should be compatible with four different versions of iOS and four different types of devices. The four different types of d...
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Download FireBug and FirePath – Know More about XPath

Download FireBug and FirePath - Know More about XPath
XPath, FireBug, and FirePath are common terms being used while talking about software testing through Selenium. These terms are extensively used in all Selenium Tutorials also. This article is meant for providing and overview about XPath, Firebug, and FirePath. What is XPath During the test, the need to locate an element and to process will arise frequently. XPath is a langua...
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Object Repository in QTP

Object Repository-Object Repository An Overview
Software applications are playing an essential part in today’s life rather than a luxury. In many forms, we all use software applications on a daily basis. At this juncture, software testing is gaining more importance and so also the software testing tools. Of the many test automation tools, QTP has become one of the most widely used test automation tools in the world. QTP is m...
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Mobile Apps Testing Training; An Overview

Mobile Apps Testing - Details of Mobile Apps Training
Mobile apps have earned enormous significance in today’s life. Right from booking a ticket for a movie, bank transactions involving huge amounts are being done using mobile apps. When more and more people are using mobile apps, there is a major security threat. Apps should function properly and should be robust enough to handle the increasing load. Here is the need to test mobi...
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