Objectives of Performance Testing

Are you a manual test engineer? Then you can opt for Performance Testing as it itself stands as an engineering. There are many job openings in the current market for performance testers as manual testers. The performance testing is the evaluation and measurement of functional effectiveness of a software system. This type of testing is responsible for testing the behavior of the system and to speed the pages to take a load. It should be done on regular basis that enable you to address any issues quickly.

In the current scenario, software industry lays much importance on Performance Testing as performance has become key indicator of product quality and as well as customers are demanding for quality. Also, they are looking for scalability, reliability, and endurance of all applications.

Objectives of Performance Testing

  • To carry out analysis of performance related issues and device plans to tackle them
  • Reduce the response time of application with minimum investment on hardware
  • Identify issue causing malfunctioning of the system and fix them before the production run
  • Ensure that the new system conforms to the specified performance criteria

Apache JMeter is a Java platform application that is mainly considered as a performance testing tool which is of great use in the testing functional performance of resources. LoadRunner is a HP product, used as a performance testing tool. The best feature of this testing tool is that it can create and handle thousands of users at the same time. ITeLearn explain with detailed description about all the performance testing tools by adding practical assumption to understand the concepts in an easy way.

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