An Introduction to QA Testing

As you all are well aware, Software industry is growing consistently. The entire world is turning towards digitization and many virgin areas are being computerized to ease the processes. This ends up with great demand for new software applications. At the same time many of the existing applications are being upgraded to meet more requirements.

Thus, at a time when software development is flourishing, software testing also gains significance in today’s industry. As the industry grows, competition is also growing and the developers are keen to maintain certain level of quality for all the products that they develop to win the competition and to sustain in the market. This makes Quality Assurance processes or QA Testing very important.

QA Testing: Introduction

Basically QA or Quality Assurance includes the processes to prevent any faults or mistakes or lapses in the products manufactured and avoiding issues while delivering solutions or services to the customers. It is a part of “Quality Management” and it involves different Quality tests and rectification acts.

As the competition intensified in the software sector, quality has become a keyword and the companies started investing more on QA. This ended up with great demand for QA experts and the career in QA has become one of the well respected and paid career’s in the modern day world.

When the demand increased, more and more people started opting for QA training courses including QA testing training. This resulted in the mushrooming of different QA testing training courses. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of testings involved in Quality Assurance and hence there are different types of courses related to each type of testing and the tools used for various testings. Apart from such exclusive courses, there are comprehensive QA courses also which are enjoying good demand.

Most of the courses are online courses which is really helpful for working professionals and students pursuing regular courses to learn QA testing.

Usually QA testing videos will be provided for the trainees as study material when they join a QA testing training course. QA videos depict the entire QA processes step by step with the help of relevant examples and supporting info-graphics. Although these videos are self explanatory and the trainees do not need the support of a teacher to learn, most of the professional trainers provide chat facilities for the students to communicate with them and thus to clear their doubts if any.

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