Linear frame work in QTP

Test automation framework is a set of guidelines which can be used while scripting.  A good framework should have different components like test cases, function libraries, object repositories, data sheets configuration files and test results in different folders and mainly it should be reusable. When we record an application in QTP, operations done on objects are displayed as VB script statements in expert view. When we run the scripts, steps recorded in the application are executed as recorded.

Types of frameworks in QTP:

  • Linear framework
  • Data driven framework
  • Functional decomposition framework
  • Hybrid framework
  • Keyword driven framework and
  • BPT framework

Linear frame work in QTP: Linear frame work is one of the simplest frameworks to use and implement. We don’t create any functions and all the steps will be written in a linear form i.e; one after the other in this type of approach. This is basically called as record and playback which is done using QTP and can also be called as linear framework. Components of linear framework can include 1) test scripts, 2) object repository and 3) Application under test. In this, each and every test case will have its own local object repository and the data will be hard coded in the script.

Uses of linear framework:

  • This framework provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to create scripts.
  • Basic knowledge on the tool is necessary for creating scripts.
  • As the framework doesn’t involve complex scripting, it becomes easy to understand the flow.

Limitations of this framework include:

  • This framework has very less scope of reusability as no functions are used in code.
  • Code maintenance is very time taking and error prone as we need to make changes in all the affected areas of the code.
  • As the test data is hard coded in the script, this code cannot be used to test multiple set of data. For this we have to change the data for every run or we have to create multiple copies of the code for testing different data.

Because of the above limitations linear framework is rarely found being used in real time projects as reusability and maintainability are some of the major factors that are considered while creating any automation framework. As a result this framework cannot be used in complex real time automation projects. This kind of framework can be used for testing repeatable tasks like creating multiple orders, checking gmail for new mails, filling up time sheets and etc.

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