Visual Basic Programming Language

Concepts of Visual Basic Programming Language:

VB (Visual Basic) script is one of the scripting languages used in QTP which is one of the licensed automation tools. VB script was developed by Microsoft and can be used only with Microsoft products specially Internet Explorer. It is the default scripting language for ASP (Active server pages). Main intension behind developing VB script was to help the web page developers in creating dynamic web pages for the users who use internet explorer. It can be used for both client side and server side scripting. It has 7 built-in objects which will be generally used while writing ASP pages.

They are:

  • Application
  • ASP error
  • ObjectContext
  • Request
  • Response
  • Server
  • Session

Visual Basic Programming Language

Procedure is the main contrast in VB script for dividing the code in to smaller modules. In the above objects, Response object plays the key role in sending information to the user from the server. VB Script has only one data type i.e; Variant and it will be returned by each and every function in VB script as it includes all the information. As it is the only data type, it contains different subtypes which are as follows:Empty, Null, Boolean, Byte, Integer, Currency, Long, Single, Double, Date (time), String, Object, and Error. Different conversion functions can be used to convert data from one subtype to another subtype. And to know which type of data is stored in a variant we use VarType function.

VB script intial version 5.0 was released in the year 1999 and now the latest version is 5.6. Latest version includes some advance features like timer function, with statement and regular expression search using RegExp and Match objects. Because of the advanced features, VB script has turned out to be the most important programming language for most of the web application developers. This can be effectively used for automating day to day tasks and also for monitoring windows based environment.

A person who has good knowledge on HTML and wants to do programming using ASP can learn VB script. As QTP is used by many of the Major MNC’s, there is increasing demand for candidates who know writing scripts using VB script. As most of the methods in VB script are inbuilt, a person who has minimum knowledge on ASP programming can easily learns writing scripts using VB script and can gain expertise in writing scripts.

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