Security Testing Online Training

Best Security Testing Online Training throughout Globe…!!!

Security testing in software testing comes under non-functional testing type. Security testing is basically done for all the web applications to test whether the applications are secured are not. All the vulnerable attacks, authentication, authorization and validation etc. can be tested using security testing. This testing is mainly done to test whether there is any memory leakage by encrypting the application using different software’s, hardware’s or firewall etc. This plays a very important role in the field of testing as security is the main intent of developing any applications. As the web applications are becoming complex, security testing has become a major challenge. There are many courses in security testing which will help software testers in understanding and implementing different measures for addressing security issues of web applications.

We provide online training and our security testing course training will include:

  • OWASP introduction
  • Configuration management and session management testing
  • Authentication and authorization testing
  • Data validation and business logic testing
  • Web application pen testing and service denial testing
  • AJAX and Report testing
  • Malware and rootkit coding

We also provide assistance for different certifications in security testing by providing them a detailed guide on different types of security testing. Apart from this we also provide crash course on some important concepts in manual testing like STLC, SDLC, different methodologies used for testing and we also help them in resume preparation. We conduct mock interviews for achieving better results. Because of the increasing demand for security testers, candidates who learn this course will definitely have a better career growth with high pay. Students will be given proper and complete guidance in all the aspects and will help them by clarifying their queries.

After Successful completion of the course, students can gain enough knowledge on:

  • Designing, building and testing applications related to security
  • Planning security review and prioritizing work accordingly
  • They will gain knowledge on implementing tools and techniques for penetration testing
  • Reviewing code against security parameters
  • They will learn management of applications against risk by diagnosing the problem, recognizing its impact and finding solutions.

We provide training to students on OWASP testing framework, which will help them in building and deploying different testing processes on their own. By gaining knowledge on this framework, students can also help their organizations in building secured and reliable network. Btech, BSC graduates or higher, with knowledge on manual testing will be eligible to take this course.

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