Selenium Tutorial – Learn Selenium for a Better Future

Automation has become the buzzword of today, especially in the software industry. Automation helps a lot in enhancing the quality of the product and at the same time it helps to reduces the cost of production also. In other words, cost optimization is also a reason behind the call for automation in many new areas.

Software testing has been automated long back since the invention of many test automation tools. Since then the technology has evolved a lot to contain all types of software testings and different test automation tools have been introduced. Of the many tools, Selenium remains the numero uno among the test automation tools.

At present, there is a huge demand for selenium experts and this is the right time to make use of it. Reports are coming from different corners of the world about laying offs in many industry. Many experts are accusing automation as the major reason behind cutting down the manpower. It is true to some extent but automation cannot be blamed for losing jobs as it provides many new opportunities.

Selenium is very easy to learn and to work with. There are many Selenium Tutorials across the world and many of them are Selenium online tutorials. Those who have the basic knowledge about the software applications and with basic knowledge in any of the programming languages supported by Selenium can attend Selenium tutorial. If you join in an online tutorial, you will be provided with Selenium videos as study material. Hence, such tutorials are also called as Selenium video tutorials.

These Selenium testing videos contains the entire process of software testing using selenium and it depicts the process step by step. Easy to understand narrations, supporting info-graphics and relevant examples will help the trainees to learn the topic without the help of a teacher. Still, many of the Selenium online video tutorials provide chat facility for the trainees to communicate with the trainers.

Towards the end of the course, there will be a session called Selenium live project training where the trainees will get a chance to work with Selenium live project online. This will help them to learn the topic and also to gain good practical experience.

After learning Selenium, they can shift to testing career where there is a lot of opportunities at present. Software testing has become one of the flourishing professions in the software industry. The job of a tester is a handsomely paid one and it commands good respect also. Thus, you can turn the adverse condition arising from automation into a favorable one to build a bright and prosperous future.

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