Details about Selenium Webdriver and Selenium Training

At a time when automation is gaining upper hand in software testing domain, the demand for test automation tools and experts in different test tools is increasing. Software testing has become a flourishing and promising career. Unlike in the past when there was no opportunity to rise in the career, at present we have software testers, test engineers, test managers and consultants in the testing sector and an ambitious youngster can grow to any level. This made the career more attractive and many professionals working in other domains in the software industry are shifting to a career in testing.

Selenium continues to be the most widely used test automation tool in the world and many developers and test managers prefer it. Hence, there is a huge demand for Selenium experts across the world. In order to cater to the needs of the ever-increasing demand, many Selenium training courses have come up.

Selenium training online courses, helps the working professionals and students who pursue regular courses to learn the topic and enter into software testing career. Hence there is a good demand for selenium online tutorials. When you join an online course, you will be provided with Selenium videos as study materials which depict the entire process of testing. Hence, these courses are also known as Selenium video tutorials.

As you are already aware, Selenium is a test automation suite with different components. Selenium webdriver is the component which has been added to the suite of late and a part of the latest version of Selenium. Hence, the knowledge in Selenium webdriver is essential to grow in Selenium testing career. Every Selenium training courses will teach Selenium webdriver in detail.  Detailed, Selenium training course content is given below.

  • Selenium IDE Basics
  • Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium RC, ANT
  • Basics of Core Java and JUnit using Selenium Server (Remote Control)
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-1 with core Java programming and JUnit annotations
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-2
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-1
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-2 using Selenium WebDriver
  • Hybrid Framework using WebDriver
  • AJAX, Dynamic Pages, Window Alerts, Pop-Ups
  • Selenium GRID, TESTING framework implementation, ANT Build
  • Selenium Database Testing
  • Selenium Interview Preparation and Resume
  • Selenium SVN & Maven
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins

Every Selenium training course will have a Selenium Live Project training session towards the end of the course. During this session, the trainees will work on live projects as a team along with the trainer and a group of Selenium experts. Here the trainees will get more knowledge about the topic and they can come across issues that are common while working on live projects.

According to many PR experts and industry watchers, this is the right time to join in Selenium training courses as it will help you to catch up many opportunities that will come in the near future.


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