Software Testing Tools List

Once automation of software testing earned wide acceptance, an array of test automation tools has been introduced into the market which resulted in utter confusion among the testers about the tools to be used. Here is a detailed list of tools with their specifications which will help the testers to choose the right kind of a tool. Selection of the tool is purely based on the type of testing, nature of the application and also financial constraints.

Here we provide a comprehensive list of testing tools to help testers to identify the right tool. Broadly testing tools can be divided into three different categories.

  • Test Management Tools
  • Functional Testing Tools
  • Load Testing Tools

In each category, you will find open source tools which are totally free to use and commercial tools for which you will have to pay for the license and maintenance.

Software Testing Tools List – Test Management Tools

As mentioned earlier both open source and commercial tools are available in this category. First, let us go through the list of open source tools.

Open Source Tools

  • TET (Test Environment Toolkit): – TET or Test Environment Toolkit has been developed based on the inputs from a wide community of testers. It has been designed to meet all the current and future needs of testers.
  • TETware: – Actually, TETware is a test execution management system and it helps to perform administration, test sequencing, test reporting in standard formats etc. This tool supports both UNIX and 32 bit Windows operating system. This tool facilitates working on a single, standard test harness and thus making testing easier and faster.
  • Test Manager: – This is an automated testing tool that can be used in day to day testing activities. This tool is used to automate and manage testing activities.
  • RTH: – RTH or Requirements and Testing Hub can be used as a testing management tool as well as a requirements management tool. It also provides bug tracking facilities.

Proprietary or Commercial Tools

  • HP Quality Centre/ ALM: – This is a proprietary test management tool from HP with many attractive features.
  • QAComplete: – It provides a single application for managing test cases, test environments, automated tests, defects, and test project tasks.
  • T-Plan Professional: – This is mainly used for testing mobile apps and supports all Android and iOS versions.
  • ATD (Automated Test Designer): – A platform independent test management tool which can be used to test any application or system.
  • Testuff
  • PractiTest
  • Test Manager Adaptors
  • SpiraTest
  • TestLog
  • ApTestManager
  • DevTest

Functional Testing Tools

Open Source Tools

  • Selenium
  • Soapui
  • Watir
  • HTTP::Recorder
  • WatiN
  • Canoo WebTest
  • Webcorder
  • Solex
  • Imprimatur
  • Swete
  • ITP
  • WET
  • WebInject
  • Katalon Studio

Proprietary Or Commercial Tools

  • QuickTest Pro
  • Rational Robot
  • Sahi
  • SoapTest
  • Badboy
  • Test Complete
  • QA Wizard
  • Netvantage Functional Tester
  • PesterCat
  • AppsWatch
  • Squish
  • actiWATE
  • liSA
  • vTest
  • Internet Macros
  • Ranorex

Load Testing Tools

Open Source Tools

  • Jmeter
  • FunkLoad

Proprietary or Commercial Tools

  • WebLOAD Professional
  • HP LoadRunner
  • LoadStorm
  • NeoLoad
  • Loadtracer
  • Forecast
  • ANTS – Advanced .NET Testing System
  • vPerformer
  • Webserver Stress Tool
  • preVue-ASCII
  • Load Impact

This list includes the most popular and widely used testing tools.

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