SQL Database Testing Online Training

Database consists of all the related data in an organized format and access to this data will be provided by database management system (DBMS). We can perform different operations like creation, updation, retrieval and deletion on the data. SQL (structured query language) database is database programming language which has been designed to manage the data in RDBMS (Relational database management system). For managing data SQL has different commands like DDL (Data definition language) and DML (Data manipulation language). Database testing is basically a backend testing which is done to check the correctness of the data and this testing is done by writing queries into the database. One who wants to perform database testing should have enough knowledge on writing queries to retrieve that data.

In our SQL database testing training course you will get to know about the basic database concepts, different database objects, and queries and also about different types of database testing concepts. The only prerequisite to learn database testing is, knowledge on manual testing and no hands on experience is required for learning SQL database testing course. This course is mainly provided for software testing engineers who basically deal with testing database applications.

Our SQL online course covers, major concepts to set back your career:

  • Transaction Locks & Deadlock
  • Database Backups Strategies
  • Database Restores & Recovery
  • SQL Jobs and DR/HA Plans
  • Replication Configurations
  • Log Shipping & DB Recovery
  • Database Mirroring & DR/HA
  • Security and Data Encryption
  • SQL Server Audits
  • DB Audits & Queries
  • Database Tasks & Audits 

As a part of training, students will be given an installation CD and a soft copy of database testing concepts. Our trainers will clearly explain each and every query and also you will be given lot examples to get a clear idea. After each and every session students will be given some assessments so as to improve their technical skills. Once after the training is done, with the help of the live project, students will be able to learn to perform both structural and functional database testing. As the demand for database testers is increasing day to day, we will prepare the students accordingly to face the interviews. Along with we also provide training on different database testing tools like ETL tools and also some advanced concepts in database. After completion of the course, students will get good understanding on how to write the queries and also on all the database concepts.